The team over at Mozilla is stepping up their game in securing their flagship browser Firefox. Users who upgraded to Firefox 76 may have been greeted with the new Privacy Protections dashboard, which can be visited by going typing about:protections in the URL bar or by selecting the three lines in the corner of their browser bar and selecting “Privacy Protections.”

Once on the Privacy Protections dashboard, users will see three basic areas. Specifically:

Enhanced Tracking Protection

Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) protects users against trackers that collect information about users and their browsing habits. ETP provides protection against social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, cryptominers, and fingerprinting. ETP is configurable to three levels of protection offered by ETP:

  • Standard – The default level of protection. This mode only prevents content tracking in Private Window mode. This means content tracking will still occur in regular browsing sessions.
  • Strict – Similar to the Standard level of protection except it prevents tracking in both regular browsing sessions as well as within Private Window mode.
  • Custom – This mode allows users to pick and choose what protections are in place.

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor leverages the “Have I Been Pwned” breach database to determine if submitted Email addresses were noted in a compromise. Users can search the database from Firefox Monitor as well as research known breaches by selecting the “Breaches” tab from the menu within the navbar at the top of the site.

If users decide to login, they will be presented with a breach summary. Users can view additional information about breaches their Email addresses were involved in including “What to do for this breach.” Once users have taken the appropriate steps, they can click on buttons to update the breaches to “Mark as Resolved.” This will update the breach dashboard.

Users can sign up to receive alerts if their accounts are caught within future breaches as well. This is a bit tricky however as in order to do this, users simply need to create and/or sign into their Firefox accounts and there isn’t a special button or field to actually sign up for alerts. Lastly, users can add additional Email accounts by selecting the “Manage Email Addresses” button on the Firefox Monitor homepage. This additionally gives the user the option of sending all alerts to individual Email addresses or to one main account.

Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Lockwise is plain and simply a password manager. It’s nowhere near as powerful as Dashlane or 1Password, however, the vast majority of what you would use either of those password managers for, Firefox Lockwise does, it stores passwords in one place.

Users can access Lockwise either from their Firefox browser or from the Lockwise app on iPhone or Android. This allows users to access their passwords even when they are not on their computers. In addition, users will receive a notification if their account was involved in a breach (see Firefox monitor if you’re wondering how). Additionally, Lockwise will generate secure passwords automatically.

While Lockwise doesn’t have features like an identity health score, or a place to store credit cards, it’s got one very big advantage over commercial password managers, it’s free!

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