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Born in Kansas, raised in Michigan, and a 11 year resident of Colorado, Michael is an information security professional, an outdoor enthusiast, and an adventurer extraordinaire. Michael currently works as Director in the Advisory practice at a large consulting firm with more than 14 years of security services, security strategy development, risk management, security research, vulnerability management, threat management, incident response, integration, as well as network and data security experience. Michael specializes in Executive-level security advisory. Michael also serves on the Board of Directors of ATX Denver, a local charity organization.

Michael spends much of his free time as an adventurer, traveling the world, hiking, treking, climbing, and generally drinking it in. This site is dedicated to sharing some of Michael’s thoughts and experiences as he continues to research topics of interest and bumbles around the world. Of course none of what you read here represents the thoughts or opinions of my current or past employers.

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