Away For Awhile But Back Again

Ok, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If you’re looking for the old SecAnalysis site, well it’s gone. On the one hand, I decided it was time to start fresh. On the other hand I accidentally deleted the backup of the old site so yeah…it’s gone.

But hey, fresh starts aren’t always bad. Although, my guess is that by the looks of this post, the prose with which it is written, and the arguably poor grammar, your fears aren’t exactly being soothed. Rest assured though, this site will be great.


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Michael is an Information Security Executive with more than 14 years of security services, security strategy development, risk management, security research, vulnerability management, threat management, incident response, integration, and network and data security experience. Michael specializes in Executive-level security advisory. Michael has experience within the financial, technology, retail, power and energy, healthcare and public sectors. He has previously functioned as a technical and practice leader of Managed and Professionals Security Services within IBM as the North America Director of Security Intelligence, as a Senior Threat Researcher on the IBM X-Force, as an industry analyst, and as public sector vulnerability management coordinator and incident responder.

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