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Feeling the Burn

It used to be that I could sit down and write a new blog post whenever I felt like it, I just had so much to say! Today I sat down with the intention of writing a new blog post and I came up with absolutely nothing. I am literally five drafts on multiple topics ranging from toys that I want to buy, to the business of big data analytics all the way to how to integrate an intelligence process…at the the end, they were all crap. All of them. I recognize this isn’t because I have nothing to say, but rather because I am totally burnt out.

I don’t think that I am the only one suffering under these conditions however, I think many of us are probably struggling today. Frankly there is too much work to be done and too few of us to actually do it. Worst yet, is the influx of less experienced, less passionate, and less talented security professionals stepping onto the scene attempting to dominate. In a way this is more exhausting than anything because it not only fails to decrease workloads but also creates a difficult environment for ensuring quality of security delivery.

Furthermore, for many, including myself, much of our workload now is less security related than it has ever been. This is especially true for the travelers whose work/life balance consists of trying to integrate 20 hours of travel every week. The point is it is rough out there right now. I leave you with this one piece of advice I look in the mirror and tell myself every morning…hang in there.